EDOM (Eiffel DOM implementation) 1.3


EDOM is a freely-available Eiffel binding an implementation of the World-Wide-Web Consortium's Document Object Model. It supports the following DOM modules:

The initial implementation is based upon Apache Xerces C++ 2.2.0. This features validation against both DTDs and W3C XML Schema Definitions.

Support for multiple implementations is present (in principle - I have implemented the proposed DOMImplementationRegistry).

XSLT is also (optionally) supported. As far as I know, there is no standard for invoking an XSLT processor, other than JAXP, so I'm very much feeling my way here. Comments welcome.

The XSLT implementation is Xalan C++ 1.5. This comes with a full set of extension functions, plus parts of the EXSLT library. See the Xalan documentation for details.

Schematron validation is supported (assuming you have installed XSLT support) via Schematron-Basic and XSLT. Schematron rules can also be embedded in W3C XSD schemas (and in RLEAX-NG grammars, but EDOM does not yet do validation with RELAX-NG grammars).

All DOM level 3.0 interfaces are experimental, and liable to change. The XSLT interface is not yet complete.

This release uses the GOBO tools geant and gexace. Despite that, only ISE works at present. I made an attempt at getting it to work with SE. The Eiffel code compiled, but then I was faced with getting the C++ code to compile. Anyway interested in taking on this task, then email me with your sourceforge id. VE doesn't yet support INTEGER_16, so there is more effort involved there.


EDOM is licensed under the Eiffel Forum License v2.0.

Xerces and Xalan are licensed under the Apache Software Foundation's Apache Software License (ASL). So you must additionally conform to this license to use EDOM.

Pathan is licensed under the DecisionSoft Open Source License.

Schematron-Basic is also licensed under the GPL or the Mozilla Public License (MPL).


  1. Install the latest version of GOBO (3.2 or later is required), if you haven't done already.
  2. Install Xerces-c 2.2.0 (2.3.0 is not yet supported). I always install from source. If compiling with MS VC++, then be sure to specify the /GR option.
  3. Ensure that the environment variable XERCESCROOT is set, as per the Xerces C++ installation instructions.
  4. Optionally, install Xalan 1.5.0 or later.. Ensure XALANCROOT is set. For instance, if you unpack a source distribution into /opt, then XALANCROOT should point to /opt/xml-xalan/c .
  5. Install Pathan 1.2.1. Windows users are advised to install from this binary.
  6. Download and unpack the EDOM distribution into a directory, and set the environment variable EDOM accordingly (e.g. if you unpack into /opt, then set EDOM to /opt/EDOM)
  7. Change to the $EDOM directory, and type geant install (or geant install-without-xslt if you chose not to install Xalan-c 1.5).
  8. If you chose not to install Xalan-c 1.5, then you must edit tests/build.eant. near the bottom of this file, in target init, there is a line which sets the value of xalan to true. Change this value to false.
  9. Edit $EDOM/tests/system.xace and $EDOM/tests/xslt/system.xace so as to change any lines marked via comment if necessary.
  10. Change to the tests sub-directory of the EDOM directory.
  11. Type: geant test (or geant test_debug if you are the cautious type).
  12. If all tests pass then installation is succesfull. Ignore any other output prior to the final summary
  13. Now if you installed Xalan-c 1,5. change to directory $EDOM/tests/xslt, and type: geant test (or geant test_debug if you are the cautious type).
  14. Email me to let me know your opinions, intentions, etc.


The library code is heavily documented (so generate short forms). The test programs should show how to use EDOM.

Design issues

Naming conventions

Since the DOM is defined using CORBA idl, I thought it appropriate to use the same names that MICO/E would generate from the idl files.

Directory structure

The test programs are in the EDOM root directory. The library is packaged into the following directories:

DOM Core module
DOM Load and Save module
DOM ranges module
DOM traversal module
DOM xpath module
XSLT library - still in development
Data files used by the test programs (.xml, .xsd etc.)
Redistibuted XSLT files for Schematron validation.
Supporting utilities for the Xerces C++ implementation
An (eventually) comprehensive test suite.

Each of the DOM module directories consist largely of deferred classes (the registry, and some facility classes are exceptions). Each one has a xercesc sub-directory, which contains the Xerces C++ implementation of those interfaces. The xslt directory has a xalanc sub-directory for the Xalan C++ implementation. This is nowhere near working yet.

Implementation Status

Unless stated otherwise, interfaces have not been tested.

DOM Core 3.0 (April 2002 draft)

Interface Status Reason
DOMException Fully implemented and tested.
DOMImplementationSource Fully implemented.
DOMImplementation Fully implemented.
DocumentFragment Fully implemented.
Document Fully implemented.
Node Fully implemented getUserData and setUserData have wrong signature.
NodeList Fully implemented and tested.
NamedNodeMap Fully implemented.
CharacterData Fully implemented.
Attr Fully implemented.
Element Fully implemented.
Text Fully implemented.
Comment Fully implemented.
UserDataHandler Programmer implements. Implemented sucessfully as a test.
DOMError Mostly implemented. relatedError is not yet implemented, as Xerces C++ does not implement it.
DOMErrorHandler Programmer implements Implemented succesfully as a test.
DOMLocator Fully implemented.
CDATASection Fully implemented.
DocumentType Fully implemented.
Notation Fully implemented.
Entity Fully implemented.
EntityReference Fully implemented.
ProcessingInstruction Fully implemented.

DOM Load and Save 3.0 (April 2002 draft)

Interface Status Reason
DOMSystemException Implemented. Although W3C have not yet specified what it should look like.
DOMImplementationLS Fully implemented via Xerces C++. All tested except createDOMInputSource.
DocumentLS Not implemented

Xerces C++ does not implement it (and DOMBuilder/DOMWriter provide this functionality)

Could easily be implemented in terms of DOMBuilder plus DOMWriter

DOMInputSource Partially implemented

Xerces C++ implements some of the functionality. To be reviewed.

LSLoadEvent Not implemented or even declared (as it depends on events module)

Xerces C++ does not implement it, as it does not support asynchronous parsing.

LSProgressEvent Not implemented or even declared (as it depends on events module)

Xerces C++ does not implement it, as it does not support asynchronous parsing.

DOMEntityResolver Not implemented

Not implemented - dependent on DOMInputSource.

DOMBuilderFilter Implemented, but will not work

Xerces C++ will throw an exception if you try to set the filter.

When Xerces C++ implements this, one change to dom.h is needed (umcomment base class). Hm. Check this - probably not true now.

ParseErrorEvent Not implemented or even declared (as it depends on events module)

Xerces C++ does not implement it.


Mostly implemented. Tested where implemented.

parse and parseWithContext depend on DOMInputSource

entityResolver attribute depends on DOMEntityResolver

filter will not work.


Fully implemented. Fully tested.


Programmer implements.

Implemented sucessfully as a test.

DOM Traversal 2.0

Interface Status Reason
NodeFilter Programmer implements. Implemented sucessfully as a test.
NodeIterator Fully implemented. Partially tested.
TreeWalker Fully implemented. Partially tested.
DocumentTraversal Fully implemented and tested.

DOM Range 2.0

Interface Status Reason
Range Fully implemented. Partially tested.
RangeException Fully implemented.
RangeExceptionCode Fully implemented.
DocumentRange Fully implemented and tested.

Bugs, patches, RFEs etc.

All correspondence should be addressed to edom@colina.demon.co.uk

Outstanding items

Update to February 2003 working drafts (or whatever) of DOM level 3.0, tracking Xerces C++.

Future directions

The following are all possible (but by no means promised) future enhancements:

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